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About US

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About Us

When it comes to photography you can not afford to leave it to just anyone with a camera. You need a photographer with a style that complements your own who knows how to capture your moment's and present them in a way you will appreciate for a long time to come. We're not for everybody, but we are here for those with the most discriminating taste.

From art photography to weddings and pretty much everything in between Flat Cap Fedora has your photographic and creative needs covered.


The Photographer

Lead photographer Mark Medina has been taking photographs since he was a teen.  He has work as a photographer for Arte De La Luz photography studio and has since started Flat Cap Fedora named after his and his son's favorite style of hats.  The photographs and videos you see here on this sites portfolio are most if not all done by Mark himself.

The Promise

Here at Flat Cap Fedora our goal is to make you smile not just during your event or celebration but long afterward when you look upon your photographs and video again. 

I personally promise to do everything I can to make sure that when it comes to the services we provide to your event, you won't have to stress.  I will ensure my team is on time, ready to go and as professional as can be.  


Mark Medina
Lead Photographer